All Data used in Degrees of Democracy: Politics, Public Opinion and Policy is available here:

Codebook [in pdf format]

US [zipped, in STATA format]

UK [zipped, in STATA format]

Canada [zipped, in STATA format]

Replication materials for "Political Institutions and the Opinion-Policy Link," published in West European Politics is available here:

WEP [zipped, data and STATA do-file]

Replication materials for "When Do the Rich Win?" is available through the Harvard Dataverse.

Other spending datasets related to our project, but with somewhat more detail then is included in the datasets above, are as follows:

Total Expenditure on Government Services in the UK, 1980-2000

Data [in Excel format]

Codebook [in pdf format]

Discussion and Analysis [Public Expenditure in the UK: How Measures Matter, in pdf

Canadian Government Expenditures, 1980-2004

Data [in Excel format]

Codebook [in pdf format]

For other data sources, see Links.